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Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 4 [
March 18, 2006

Upcoming TV Appearances
3/22: Lost - 2x16 Locke Down

Magazine Alerts
Evi will be on the cover of FLARE magazine (hits stands 3/20)
previewCollapse )

Downloads/Photo Releases
CTV - Interview with the Cast of Lost (Matthew chooses Jate!)
Prettied up screen-captions by _milz_
HiRes The Sci-Fi Summit photos

Have something to submit? Send it to jaternews@gmail.com
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newsletter: volume 1 - issue 3 [
March 15, 2006

Hey I'm the other mod of this fine establisment and I'm takin' over for Adlin for a bit and posting the fan art section, so if things are a bit different that's why! Some of you may know me as nightskiesfading from LF, pleased to be helping out you Jaters.


[23] here made by klimmy847

[15] here made by _milz_


From jackandkate.org

- J/K in the sand

- Forever Yours

Made by klimmy847

- Ever The Same

Some here From star*so*bright at LF.

One here From nightskiesfading over at LF.

Beautiful one here Made by Poetic_Girl over at LF.


Song: 'Run' by Snow Patrol
Vidder: pumpkin_heart
Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/15599243/JK_Run.wmv.html

File Type: WMV

Fan Fiction
Title: The Best Thing In The World Is Silence
Author: _gentlycollapse
Rating: PG-13
The best thing in the world is silence. And Kate was enjoying the small moment of it that she got.

Title: Scratch
Author: __inadream
Rating: PG

She stands at the edge of the water, her hair lifting off her shoulders delicately as she closes her eyes and welcomes the salty breeze, staining her face like the tears she never cries.

Title: Icarus Abides
Author: your_dollface
Rating: PG-13

The stain of blood isn't one that is easily removed....

Have something to submit? Send it to jaternews@gmail.com
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Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 3 [
March 8, 2006

TV Appearances:
3/8: Lost - 1x12 - Whatever the Case May Be

- The Museum of Television & Radio Launches New DVD Series
- Lost finds some answers

- Jate Promo Photo *Spoiler for 2x17*, credit txvoodoo
- Spoiler from Javi
- Excerpt from a Matthew Fox interview:
Question: And how about Jack’s relationship with Kate)? Does it hot up?
Answer behind cutCollapse )

[17] Matthew - EW Outtakes, credit dryope
[56] Evangeline - Esquire Outtakes, credit janine83
[1] Jack S1 Promo Photo, credit sawyerbaby

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Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 2 [
February 25, 2006

[ mood | artistic ]

By Nadine.Fan-Arts.Net

  • Save Me
  • Fate

    By Jenahville.net
  • Turn
  • Waiting For
  • With Me

    By The-Butterfly.de
  • J&K
  • Love You
  • Sweet Surrender
  • Color Of Love
  • Cry Your Name
  • Distant Dream
  • Breathe
  • Letting Go...
  • Waiting Time
  • Absence Of Fear
  • Lost In You

    Music Videos
  • Song Title: The Stone
    Artist: Dave Matthews Band
    Vidder: crickets
    Characters: Jack & Kate

    Size: 10.3MB
    Format: WMV
    Link: http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2PZ2JAJX8GC3L2IXT9MNIFQJ9B

  • Name of fic: Counting Time
    Author Name: hubschrauber
    Rating: G
    Link: He cannot touch her. Proximity alone is clouding his vision as...

  • Name of fic: There is power in a moment
    Author Name: hubschrauber
    Rating: PG
    Link: She lights the match because she needs to see. Kate’s fingers tremble over the wound...

  • Name of fic: Living in the moment
    Author Name: _gentlycollapse
    Rating: PG-ish there's mild language
    Link: He sat on the shore of the island, staring off into the vast openness that the ocean laid before him...

  • Name of fic: Turn My Bones To Sand
    Author Name: heartisbruised
    Rating: R, for some language, and for violence/death
    Link: Waves came rolling darkly in, an obsidian quality sapphire blue cresting white and slowly turning grey as it...

  • Name of fic: Washed Clean
    Author Name: calmacil_20
    Rating: G
    Link: He didn’t mean to find here there. He just needed to get some water, his mind still reeling...

  • Name of fic: A song and dance
    Author Name: hubschrauber
    Rating: PG-13 for references to sexuality not actually in this plot
    Link: The ocean is a sparkling aquamarine and teal, churning in spirals along the beach as she...

    Have something to submit? Sent it to jaternews@gmail.com
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    Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 2 [
    February 24, 2006

    Upcoming TV appearances
    3/1: 2x15 - Maternity Leave

    Magazine Alerts
    April: Matthew in InStyle

    Lilly attending The Sci-Fi Summit Con
    GQ.com Article: The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Discussions & Analysis
    Cut to Foxy's t.v. transcripts (he talks about romance on LOST)Collapse )

    Downloads/Photo Releases
    Evangeline scan, from Arthelius magizine
    7 Evangeline's Out-takes, from Rolling Stone
    3 Evangeline scan, from The Karastan Brochure

    For all the latest Matthew Fox photos and downloads, go to the foxy_news: in this entry

    Have something to submit? Sent it to jaternews@gmail.com
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    Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 1 [
    February 16, 2006

    Icons & Fan-Art
    [39] Lost Icons + Header, created by __iiconize__
    [2] Fan-Art, created by jr_moon
    [100] Jack/Kate, created by ieleni
    [1] Jack/Kate Color Bar, created by improvedsilence
    [1] Collage, created by naganosilver98
    [52] Lost Icons, created by silver_mascara
    [3] Jack/Kate Icons, created by bluestlight
    [2]Jack/Kate Wallpapers, created by two_five

    Music Videos
  • Song Title: Let Go
    Artist: Frou Frou
    Vidder: prettybutt
    Characters: Jack & Kate

    Size: 10.98MB
    Format: WMV
    Link: http://s22.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3GPTBFZP0IW9H19H0IIM5BS97Y

  • Song Title: In Too Far
    Artist: Acceptance
    Vidder: _gentlycollapse
    Characters: Jack & Kate

    Size: 15.1MB
    Format: WMV
    Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/13300044/Intoofar.wmv.html

  • Song Title: Fix You
    Artist: Coldplay
    Vidder: pumpkin_heart
    Characters: Jack & Kate

    Size: 10.5MB
    Format: WMV
    Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/12430624/JK_Fix_You.wmv.html

  • Name of fic: When The Time Comes
    Author Name: whitkj
    Rating: NC-17
    Link: It was time to explore the island that had been their home for...

  • Name of fic: True
    Author Name: lizwaller
    Rating: PG-13/R
    Link: It'd been nine days after they had all been rescued...

    Have something to submit? Sent it to jaternews@gmail.com
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    Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 1 [
    February 16, 2006

    Upcoming TV appearances
    2/21: Matthew on Letterman
    2/22: Matthew on The Daily Show
    2/22: Lost - 101 & 102

    Magazine Alerts
    March: Matthew in GQ
    March: Evi in Esquire

    - Lost Nominated for 7 Saturn Awards, Congrats to Foxy & Evi! [Lost Media]
    - Pairs we'd like to see together in the end. [Yahoo! TV]
    - Relationships under review [eCcentral]

    - Kristin's Spoilers via gemegz
    - Possible spoiler -- Could lead to some Jate? [Lost-Forum]

    - Lost Parody - Very funny! "What? I just wanted to break up the sexual-tension between the 2 main characters" --- Sawyer

    Fan-created stuff will be posted by fallen_for_lost

    Have something to submit? Sent it to jaternews@gmail.com
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    Welcome to Jater News. [
    February 14, 2006


    Welcome to jater_news, A Jater Newsletter! This community is going to serve as way for fans to get the latest on news and information on Lost's ship: Jack & Kate.

    This community is owned and produced by cheshires_meow, fallen_for_lost, & _gentlycollapse.

    Things you'll find here...

    • News
    • Spoilers
    • The latest photo releases
    • Downloads
    • Links to great discussions & analysis
    • Icons
    • Fan-Fic
    • Music Videos
    • Much more!!

    Feel free to friend the journal, although its not necessary this community is 100% viewable to the public.

    If you have anything Jate related you'd like to sumbit, please sent a email to jaternews@gmail.com or comment in the latest entry.
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